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2017 Mission Trip 

In 2017 Faithful Samaritans took their first team to Kenya.  This was just the beginning of what Faithful Samaritans hopes to do in Kenya.  We are partnering with a nonprofit organization in Kenya called Jelani.  Together we hope to be able to be a part of bringing hope to those who need it most.  On our first trip to Kenya, we wanted to develop relationships with the local community and to let them know what we are all about, sharing Gods love and good news through our actions.  We were able to partner with a local church where we put on a VBS (vacation Bible school) where we saw some 300 kids attend each day as well as a youth day. Through this, we were able to connect with the congregation of the local church, support them through seminars, and reach out into the community of kids and teens who may not of heard of Jesus before. We were thankful for the opportunity to share Gods love in a fun and practical way of singing songs, telling stories, and performing skits. Each year, we seek to build on these relationships as well forge new ones through the various activities that we seek to accomplish.

2018 Mission Trip

 In November, Faithful Samaritans had the incredible opportunity to take a team of 6 to Kenya. We were able to be a part of some amazing projects on our 2 week journey. Through fundraising and some generous donations, we helped to build two homes for 2 widows in the community of Soy. We had sent some money to our team in Kenya to get the houses started, as it is quite the process. When we arrived, we were introduced to the amazing women whom we were helping. Both of them welcomed us into their lives with open arms and showed us just what needed to be done. Holes were dug, dirt was lugged and mud was stomped as part of the process to make the walls. Many new skills were learned, and connections formed. Since being home in Canada, the houses have been completed! We also desire to continue to make connections within the community in crucial ways. One of the days we were there, we spent the day at a local library/community centre and learned how we will be able to partner with them in the future! We learned that there is quite a need in the area to help others with homes, so it is our desire to continue with this specific project on an annual basis! We look forward to the many possibilities that are before us and the relationships that we have yet to form! Every trip that we get to take gives us an amazing opportunity to see how God is showing his love to the community of Soy, Kenya! 

2021 Mission Trip

 The year 2020 has to us been a write-off due to the obvious reasons. We however feel thankful since we had intended to lay low and recoup for the year. So it comes to us as a time of rest and reflection as we plan for the year 2021. 

  There are three main projects that are on the table for our 2021 trip to Kenya,

1. we want to help build three houses as part of our houses for widows project 

2. we would like to help the community center by building an outdoor basketball / volleyball facility..

3. With enough volunteers, we would like to host a kids day camp at the community center.

  We are putting together the plans and schedules for the following projects,  we shall be communicating to all applicants on all details about what needs to happen in order to be a part of this project.  

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