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The Waterhole Project 

As and organization, we intend to drill a water well and install a pump that shall provide clean drinking water to an estimated 4,000 people in the community. With this water hole project, we not only desire to provide an adequate supply of drinking water to the community but also help the local farmers with a year round supply of water to help boost their produce.  This is an initiative that we were made aware of the need from our most recent trip to Kenya in November and it has been stamped and approved by the local government in partnership with the youth organization in the community.

The cost and budget for this project is high and so we realize the need to take time in planning and fundraising in order to achieve this goal. We desire to partner with willing organizations and or individuals that are able to help us see this project through. 

  We appreciate all of your prayers and financial support toward this project. If you have any questions or would like to be involved, please send us an email!

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