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We want to reach out to all communities bringing the message of God’s redeeming love. We will seek to relieve poverty, take care of widows and orphans by attending to their physical and spiritual needs, as well as provide care and treatment to the hurting and the sick. In doing this, we desire that believers will be empowered to grow in their relationship with God and in turn give back to those around them.

Faithful Samaritans is a registered Canadian non- profit organization willing to partner with other charitable organizations in Kenya- Africa that work towards transforming the lives of the poor and vulnerable in their communities.

In order to realize this goal, Faithful Samaritans has identified Jelani Foundation, a registered Kenyan charitable organization, as a viable partner to facilitate and promote most of its community projects on the ground.    

Faithful Samaritans is committed to helping the aged, widows, and orphans realize their full potential in their lives. Our dream is to empower a community, uplift a woman and change the life of a child through programs that tap into their talents, gifts, and resources.

These initiatives have already started on the ground with a tremendous impact e.g. the building projects of decent homes for widows and vocational Bible study lessons targeting young children and we are so grateful to all those who are giving out their contributions towards this.

In order to effectively discharge our services to individuals, families and communities, Faithful Samaritans requires financial support to run its programs and also for administrative and logistics purposes. We are therefore presenting a request to you to assist in its growth for the success of the various projects it is undertaking.

Problem Statement

Effects of destitution, political corruption, poor education standards, prevalence of diseases and harsh climatic conditions have left many Kenyans living under the poverty line and suffering due to lack of access to the basic human needs i.e. nutritious food, clean water and a dignified shelter.

The “third world” economy cannot enable the government to provide safety nets to mitigate these factors leading to establishment of charitable organizations like Faithful Samaritans, to aid in the reconstruction of communities and rehabilitation of families in the slum dwellings and the rural areas.  

But these organizations have limited financial resources and struggle to facilitate their programs and often resort to raising funds from donors and well wishers to accomplish their mission. This has even forced most of their staff to volunteer with no salary because they are operating with a lean budget.  

As a partner, your compassion, specialized skills, and interest towards volunteering overseas can make a world of a difference in the lives of many, as well as give you a lifetime experience in a culturally diverse country. Top on the list of our priorities, are support with fundraising, proposal writing, organizational development and administrative services to be able to meet our short term and the long term goals of eradicating poverty and transforming the lives of the poor and the vulnerable in our communities.  

-Gender Empowerment programs targeting women. This initiative is to help women avoid exploitation by introducing them to income generating programs, micro-credit programs and Agri- business training

and also equipping them with financial literacy skills that will leave them empowered, independent and with a sustainable food security. This will end the vicious cycle of perpetual dependency on donations.    

-Provision of quality and affordable healthcare through initiating a periodic mobile clinic program that will be providing free check-ups, medication and vaccinations to the sick and the senior citizens who don’t have a health insurance cover and cannot afford to access expensive hospitals in these areas.

-Community development programs that target widows and orphans by providing a decent and modest shelter over their heads and also partnering with other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and supporting their programs that target to change the lives of the aged, women and the youth.  




- Provision of safe water to improve the sanitation in our communities. To decrease incidences of water- borne diseases and the burden women and children go through while fetching contaminated water from rivers and dams due to shorter rain seasons and perennial droughts, there is a need to sink a bore-hole to access the underground aquifer that can provide a steady supply of water to the community.

- Provision of quality and affordable education targeting the less fortunate orphans and children with special needs and disabilities. This initiative will be launched after we get enough funds to purchase land, construct a children’s home-cum-school on the site and employ qualified teachers and caregivers.

Short term projects

Long Term Projects 


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