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James 2:17

Donate to our Projects now! Donations over $50 are tax receipted! thank you for your donations!

Interested in getting involved? We are always eager to hear from people who are willing to help out. Send us a message and we can discuss how you can get plugged in.

We will seek to relieve poverty, take care of widows and orphans by attending to their physical and spiritual needs, as well as providing care and treatment to the hurting and the sick.

A Call to Action!

In a time where the world is shifting with every wave of influence from media, war, politics, religion, wealth, poverty and so much more, it's indeed time to allow the love of Christ to overwhelm us beyond measure, that we become willing to not just let the figures and statistics shock us, but to allow these to affect us enough that we feel uncomfortable, even to the point of taking the bold step of reaching out! Ready and willing to rescue and receive any abandoned, abused and orphaned babies and children from whatever source, culture, religion or race. We are ready to provide a healthy and safe environment for them, a family governed by the love of God, whilst empowering these children to become the mighty men and women they once only ever dreamt of becoming.

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